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Soaking up the Sun

Soaking up the Sun


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  • Lovey Marjorie. Like the way you have caught the light from the window. Smashing.

    Posted by Jeannette Harrison on Thu 01 Jan 11:00:39
  • Lovely of course, Happy New Year.

    Posted by Jeannette Harrison on Thu 01 Jan 11:01:10
  • Thankyou both for taking the time to comment - Happy New Year everyone!

    Posted by Marjorie Firth on Fri 02 Jan 15:57:56
  • Lovely pastel painting. A very nice cat and I like the way you've painted the curtains. Is she your cat? I love cats and own two. Happy New Year. Regards Lorraine

    Posted by Lorraine Paris on Fri 02 Jan 18:08:14
  • Lorraine, this cat lived until she was 23yrs old. She died 3 years ago - she was a "little madam" and definitely the boss of all the pets we had. Like all our pets she was one of the family. At the moment we don't have any but I'm working on it!

    Posted by Marjorie Firth on Sat 03 Jan 14:49:05
  • Hi Marjorie, what a lovely painting.To show the light on the fur did you use (just) you a lighter shade of the same colour . Thank you very much for your tips on pastels. Just looking at this picture carefully is going to teach me a lot I'm sure. I'm going to look at the rest of your potfolio now. Best wishes Judith

    Posted by Judith Laux on Sat 03 Jan 15:50:41
  • Lovely pastel work,thanks also for your comments on my work.

    Posted by mark whittaker on Sun 04 Jan 00:53:20
  • Gorgeous!

    Posted by Elizabeth Yuill Proctor on Tue 18 Jun 10:36:03
  • Super cat just looking for something to pounce on possibly, love the detail in that material patterning as well Marjorie, did you see my pastel portrait of Nelson Mandela, get into my pastel work gallery and you will see him, I don't do many people portraits, they are usually pet ones, but people are telling me hat this is the best pastel work I have ever done, so take a look I would value your opinion on it

    Posted by Ros Patterson on Wed 10 Jul 16:06:39
  • Only just found this beautiful cat painting and just had to comment.

    Posted by Sandra Kennedy on Sat 12 Aug 11:40:09