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Jed portrait

Jed portrait


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  • What lovely paintings. I agree with everything Jeannette has said - lovely fam. and great way of using watercolour. I love these but for me, its the horses! Fantastic boldness and backgrounds and colour. I'm just jealous as I can't paint either way as well as you. Well done. Also I understand why you are changing, we all need to move on with art all the time.

    Posted by Margaret McDougall on Sun 13 Apr 11:20:45
  • Love this one too.

    Posted by Lorraine Paris on Sun 13 Apr 15:22:05
  • You have a lovely light touch - this is charming!

    Posted by Kay Warner on Tue 20 May 17:27:26
  • Agreed you do have a lovely light ouch with you watercolour portraits Sheridan, and you capture exactly the right details of the facial features

    Posted by Ros Patterson on Tue 04 Jun 16:53:19