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China Plate

China Plate


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  • Hello Sue, Really nice piece of work, lovely colours and well painted. Enjoyed looking at it. Regards Joe.

    Posted by Joe Hush on Thu 10 Apr 23:44:52
  • Crickey! this is clever stuff. Looks great. Top marks mate.

    Posted by Chris Chalk on Sat 17 May 19:28:30
  • Yep well done.

    Posted by Phil Kendall on Thu 05 Jun 12:33:07
  • Very proffesional. That takes a lot of time and dedication I'm sure. lovely.

    Posted by Veronica Grant on Sun 10 Aug 12:11:00
  • Wow! Having done some very minor dabbling with porcelain painting I can appreciate how good this is. I love the hint of colour round the edge behind the berries.

    Posted by Elise Stewart on Mon 20 Oct 21:22:38
  • 10 times ! that's a lot of patience and suspense. I trake my hat off to u.

    Posted by Harinakshi Mistry on Wed 27 Apr 13:25:14
  • Gorgeous!

    Posted by n oone no one on Tue 12 May 15:29:59