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Pebble Beach 1

Pebble Beach 1


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  • Love it! Really get your interest working through all the pebble/rocks. Well done mate.

    Posted by Chris Chalk on Wed 19 Sep 21:00:14
  • Very good, rocks are great.

    Posted by Jeannette Harrison on Thu 20 Sep 17:30:32
  • I think this is a great . The rocks look hard and the pebbles smooth and the contrast gives the painting bite, i like it

    Posted by Melanie Reynoso on Sat 22 Sep 20:27:59
  • Love the swirling sand and the differences in et pebbles but the cock-eyed horizon throws me a bit

    Posted by Diana Hudson on Sat 24 Nov 20:27:24
  • Thanks for your comments on my pebbles Debbie. Interesting looking at how you got the light on the first one. I appreciate that yours are underwater, but mine look a bit too dry in comparison! I tried to put a watery look in the dark areas under and between the pebbles, but I wasn't confident enough to make a proper job of it, so rather than spoil the huge amount of work I'd done already I chickened out! Maybe I'll look at it again.... Love your sandy pebbles. Makes you think of bare feet, cool sand between the toes!

    Posted by Margaret Jarvis on Wed 11 Aug 20:17:03