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Imagined Landscape

Imagined Landscape


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  • Fabulous! Love this experimental landscape Jean! the viewer can imagine what they want from your beautiful painting.

    Posted by Nancy Farrar Coughlin on Tue 28 May 19:25:30
  • Thanks so much Nancy.

    Posted by Jean Lurssen on Tue 28 May 19:31:11
  • Lovely!

    Posted by Margaret Nisbet on Tue 28 May 20:46:47
  • Thanks Margaret. It's fun experimenting.

    Posted by Jean Lurssen on Tue 28 May 22:32:01
  • This is something special Jean. The colours gel nicely and you have created an interesting composition.
    Now and again, experimental work pays off, it can be a bit hit and miss as you know!

    Posted by Alan Bickley on Wed 29 May 06:36:25
  • Love the fact that you can look at this and see things perhaps in a different way to others! For what it's worth I see this as being in Iceland and with geese in the foreground …. but then again maybe not!

    Posted by HEATHER LOVE on Wed 29 May 09:16:03
  • Beautiful paintings Jean.

    Posted by Carole Swingler on Wed 29 May 14:00:25
  • Glorious colours & so much to imagine in this.

    Posted by Anne Murphy on Wed 29 May 16:03:21
  • Thanks for all the nice comments Alan, Heather, Carole and Anne. Experimentation is exciting because you never know how the end result will turn out. I do throw more away than save.

    Posted by Jean Lurssen on Wed 29 May 18:50:54
  • I love the composition and colour combination.

    Posted by Jenny Moed-Korpela on Tue 04 Jun 15:47:45