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Abstract landscape

Abstract landscape


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  • I like the strong diagonals which add drama to your painting. If it was my painting I would only crop the left hand side as I think it would give more impact to the lovely orange an dark green fields Jill.

    Posted by Carole Kelly on Fri 17 May 09:14:02
  • Thank you Carole - I think the left hand side is where it needs cropping too. I like the textures there but it detracts from the strength of the bolder colours on the right. I very much appreciate your thoughts.

    Posted by Jill Wells on Fri 17 May 10:17:55
  • Love your work with textures Jill, I feel that if you do crop it, a bit off of the left as well top and bottom which would make it more rectangular might work. I use image editing on my computer to try out various options but have used two L shaped pieces of card in the past.

    Posted by Barry Hulme on Sat 18 May 08:10:45
  • Thanks Barry
    I’ve got various cropped versions of it on my pc and also use the L shaped cards - great for trying out all sorts of options aren’t they? I think your suggestions are right. Many thanks. 😊👍

    Posted by Jill Wells on Sun 19 May 14:05:44