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Deep Summer Memories

Deep Summer Memories


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  • Always fabulous and inspiring work Mike, this is quite different from your wet city scenes, equally brilliant.

    Posted by Alan Bickley on Thu 16 May 06:40:41
  • Stunning and wonderful Mike. Your work is very inspiring.

    Posted by Nancy Farrar Coughlin on Thu 16 May 08:10:22
  • This is SO good on every level.

    Posted by HEATHER LOVE on Thu 16 May 08:55:45
  • Stunning, I hope this detail doesn't get lost in the larger painting....which I hope you will post

    Posted by Tony Auffret on Thu 16 May 09:49:07
  • Caught my eye immediately Mike, shimmering with heat.

    Posted by Marjorie Firth on Thu 16 May 10:10:20
  • very nice work

    Posted by Brian Collins on Thu 16 May 12:53:29
  • Fabulous ...superb edges!!! Hope you post the large version!

    Posted by Thalia Stones on Thu 16 May 16:00:19
  • This is so good Mike, now I’m wondering what the full painting looks like?

    Posted by Frank Bingley on Thu 16 May 19:30:52
  • Lovely painting, Mike, with a beautiful palette. Reminds me of Jack Vitriano(?), who's work I really admire .

    Posted by jennifer Alsop on Thu 16 May 22:23:43
  • I absolutely love this. It captures the moment of peace and quiet on a beautiful summer day.

    Posted by Jillie Usher on Fri 17 May 06:42:38