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  • This is beautiful Sarah. Is it in pastels. Love the fur and eyes.

    Posted by Carole Kelly on Wed 15 May 18:47:43
  • Thank you Carole. No, it's painted in oil. x

    Posted by Sarah Eden on Wed 15 May 18:49:24
  • That’s stunning Sarah. Such fine work especially for oils: I wouldn’t think you need to change anything at all but it’s your painting! How on earth do you get such fine whiskers in oils?

    Posted by Tessa Gwynne on Thu 16 May 08:25:22
  • Absolutely stunning Sarah - that fur, eyes and whiskers (and the wicker basket) all just great. Fantastic sense of texture in this one. Plus it has a real 3D effect with the way you have highlighted the nose.

    Posted by HEATHER LOVE on Thu 16 May 09:00:12
  • Wow - beautiful work Sarah.

    Posted by caroline harris on Thu 16 May 14:24:16
  • It's absolutely lovable, touchable and alive! I think that the fur is perfect. It's very tempting to keep painting the fur but as long as it looks like soft texture, believable fur the best is to leave it alone and not overdo it. Excellent work!

    Posted by Jola Kedra on Thu 16 May 15:54:19
  • Fabulous, the eyes are beautiful.

    Posted by Janet Humphrey on Thu 16 May 16:32:16
  • Those eyes are so appealing and fur so soft
    well done Sarah

    Posted by Tao Barry on Thu 16 May 18:55:54
  • This is really lovely Sarah!!!

    Posted by Charlie Mae on Fri 17 May 02:21:43
  • This is a beautiful painting and a touching portrait of a much loved pet I imagine. The fur, the eyes the whole composition is stunning.

    Posted by Lesley Peters on Sat 18 May 10:36:00