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  • A magnificent painting of Bruce Sarah. Wonderful fur and eyes. He looks a little fierce though.

    Posted by Carole Kelly on Thu 09 May 17:11:28
  • What a great portrait! No, he doesn't look fierce at all! He is paying attention and looks very intently at his person; there's a hint of canine loyalty and love and his look. This is absolutely a gorgeous rendering!

    Posted by Jola Kedra on Thu 09 May 17:52:11
  • Thank you so much for your comments Carole and Jola. You've made my day!!

    Posted by Sarah Eden on Thu 09 May 18:01:52
  • Oh Sarah, this is a stunning portrait of Bruce. Everything about it is amazing.

    Posted by Carolyn Parkinson on Thu 09 May 19:08:37
  • A real beauty, Sarah. Fantastic work.

    Posted by jennifer Alsop on Thu 09 May 19:11:10
  • Lovely work Sarah. I live next door but one to a big lovable version of Bruce. So beautifully caught.

    Posted by Jim Morris on Thu 09 May 19:38:21
  • Stunning detail and what a handsome animal, quite incredible work Sarah.

    Posted by Alan Bickley on Fri 10 May 07:22:14
  • Superbly painted Sarah, he’s just wonderful.

    Posted by Tessa Gwynne on Fri 10 May 07:29:53
  • This is astonishing on every level, I don't know where to start … but those details in the eyes and mouth are stand out for me.

    Posted by HEATHER LOVE on Fri 10 May 08:10:07
  • Wonderful detail. Lovely depiction.

    Posted by Louisa J simpson on Fri 10 May 10:35:26