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Woman in a Blue Dress

Woman in a Blue Dress


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  • Fantastic dress and background colour and pattern combo.

    Posted by HEATHER LOVE on Fri 05 Apr 09:24:06
  • Thank you Heather, I was after a rich mix of colours

    Posted by Philip Parker on Fri 05 Apr 11:47:01
  • Such an interesting concept carried out with great skill.

    Posted by Stephen Kelly on Fri 05 Apr 12:37:33
  • To Stephen, Lewis and Jenny thank you so much for your comments, much appreciated from such talented artists.

    Posted by Philip Parker on Fri 05 Apr 16:29:36
  • Fascinating and very clever! It reminds me of those colour-blind tests where you have to be able to read the numbers, Here, I wonder what Bodhisativo has to look out for? There may be other messages in here, too, but can't find them.

    Posted by Janet Haken on Sun 07 Apr 15:11:02
  • She outshone in goodness and right practice, the most devout of Buddhist followers. Also ref. Countdown to Ecstacy...the sublime epoymous track of the old masters

    Posted by Philip Parker on Mon 08 Apr 01:46:25