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Cornish Lane

Cornish Lane


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  • Lovely composition and good feeling of walking downhill.

    Posted by Fred Elwell on Wed 27 Mar 20:31:10
  • Thank you fred.

    Posted by Linda Wilson on Thu 28 Mar 08:48:42
  • Great sense of presence and I love your palette Linda.

    Posted by Carole Kelly on Thu 28 Mar 09:58:44
  • Nice work Linda, I like the perspective.

    Posted by Margaret Beynon on Thu 28 Mar 15:11:14
  • Many thanks Margaret and Carole.

    Posted by Linda Wilson on Thu 28 Mar 16:45:15
  • Lovely feel to this.

    Posted by Sandra Kennedy on Fri 29 Mar 07:19:37
  • Thank you for taking time to comment Sandra. I have to admit, it wasn't my picture that I worked from. It was a Leisure Painter photo from donkeys years ago, but I like to do my paintings in pairs, so I thought it would make a good companion to the tin mine.

    Posted by Linda Wilson on Fri 29 Mar 12:29:02
  • Really lovely Linda, so nice to see your paintings again.

    Posted by Jennifer Brown on Sun 31 Mar 10:06:57
  • Thank you Jennifer - I will try to get them posted more often - lot easier, now that we have some daylight!

    Posted by Linda Wilson on Sun 31 Mar 10:20:14