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Waiting for spring (Dry stream & dormant tree)

Waiting for spring (Dry stream & dormant tree)


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  • Lovely work Stevan, I also love the work of John Blockley and Kurt Jackson, I must look up Michael Morgan as I am not familiar with his work.

    Posted by Barry Hulme on Thu 07 Mar 08:39:08
  • Love your colours and distinctive style Stevan 👍

    Posted by Linda Drury on Thu 07 Mar 09:53:53
  • Beautiful painting Stevan.

    Posted by Liezel Schultz on Thu 07 Mar 10:22:52
  • Impressive and very different Stevan

    Posted by Susan Fisher on Thu 07 Mar 12:52:03
  • Many thanks for the comments Barry, Linda, liezel and Susan. They are very much appreciated.
    Barry, if you visit the Pinterest site there is a massive amount of Michael Morgan art available to view.

    Posted by Stevan Petrovic on Thu 07 Mar 13:30:24
  • This is great piece! Love the abstract quality and sheer utter strength of the composition. Thanks, too, for the heads up on Michael Morgan will certainly be looking him up. Like Barry I love John Blockleys' innovative work.

    Posted by Thalia Stones on Thu 07 Mar 13:55:17
  • Interesting style.

    Posted by Maureen Sherman on Thu 07 Mar 16:06:39
  • Love the colours and the sense of what lies beneath the surface.

    Posted by Emma P on Thu 07 Mar 16:40:07
  • Many thanks Thalia, Maureen and Emma, it's great to get feedback. Enjoy Michael Morgan, he has left an indelible mark on water colour painting and I can't get enough of his work.


    Posted by Stevan Petrovic on Thu 07 Mar 18:17:11
  • Fabulous!

    Posted by Margaret Nisbet on Thu 07 Mar 18:25:35