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  • Very nice painting Pete. love the way you have painted the brickwork on the houses, just right and not overdone

    Posted by David Johns on Thu 07 Feb 19:44:05
  • Works well, Pete.

    Posted by Jennifer Brown on Thu 07 Feb 20:22:53
  • Works very well Pete, I also like the texture on the stone buildings.

    Posted by Stephen Slater on Fri 08 Feb 00:00:56
  • Sorry to be pedantic, but actually I think its a view down the hill from Grassington at Linton Falls.

    Posted by Trevor Johnson on Fri 08 Feb 10:34:51
  • Lovely treatment on those walls Pete.

    Posted by Fiona Phipps on Fri 08 Feb 15:46:00
  • Thanks Trevor. That's the problem when you are unfamiliar with the subject and rely on what someone else. tells you. The photographer said it was Grassington so I believed her. Thanks for your input.

    Posted by Pete Batho on Fri 08 Feb 20:07:26
  • Thanks to David, Jennifer, Stephen, Trevor and Fiona for your comments. Much appreciated.

    Posted by Pete Batho on Fri 08 Feb 20:08:59