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Rock Chick Days

Rock Chick Days


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  • Feverish it is...I like it, Elaine.

    Posted by Lewis Cooper on Mon 04 Feb 11:23:35
  • Those were the days...............long past!!

    Posted by Tony Wiggins on Mon 04 Feb 11:54:39
  • And the music is better than ever. Keeeeep dancing.

    Posted by Elaine Nash on Mon 04 Feb 12:10:34
  • Oh to roll back the clock!! looks like they are having fun.

    Posted by Jennifer Brown on Mon 04 Feb 14:48:13
  • Emotive Times.... keep enjoying the music and it will take you there.

    Posted by Elaine Nash on Mon 04 Feb 15:15:05
  • I like it Elaine! I remember those days, ahh the good times....mind you I still enjoy a jig now and again lol.

    Posted by Margaret Beynon on Mon 04 Feb 16:09:35
  • Me too, all the time.... and salsa too.

    Posted by Elaine Nash on Mon 04 Feb 16:48:18