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Reflection of Afternoon Sunshine.

Reflection of Afternoon Sunshine.


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  • I ran out of space up there so I shall continue here.
    I constantly modify it as I dab it onto the paper. Once the main tonal areas are in - incidentally, the paper is on a slope of about thirty degrees - I then add the details with a finer, smaller brush until my mind start to wander onto other things like toast and homemade marmalade or coffee with a fridge-cold Wispa and a game of cards.

    Posted by Rupert Cordeux on Sat 02 Feb 09:33:21
  • Thank you for sharing your practical, informative approach in preparation for your painting. It has worked wonderfully well as the highlights and shadows are superb. Also like the subdued curtain backdrop. I take it that this is a watercolour? A difficult medium for this kind of image.

    Posted by Carole Kelly on Sat 02 Feb 09:43:47
  • Superb is the only word Rupert. The "illusion" ( 2D into3D ) is more marked because you've left in the pencil marks on the cloth. These paintings of yours always put me in mind of Sir William Nicholson, though that may be only the subject matter since his were in oils. Glad to know you think of other important things ( the Wispa etc ) - mine would be whatever I can lay my hands on which is sweet. Obviously a need, after all the concentration.

    Posted by Marjorie Firth on Sat 02 Feb 09:45:23
  • Thank you Rupert for your description. I am pleased that in amongst the expertise there is room for more mundane matters like coffee, toast and chocolate, which is what matters to me, especially coffee. I also have my favourite CD on for weeks to facilitate inspiration and flow of paint, oil. Other medium have different locations in the house and no music. Strange but true. At the moment it is Choral Works by Owain Park. If you like superb a cappella singing of exceptionally intelligent and intellectual compositions of sublime music, I recommend it!

    Posted by Gudrun Ståhl Sharpley on Sat 02 Feb 10:19:44
  • Totally in awe of you ability Rupert and appreciating your explanations of method etc,, might I ask how much of your white areas are negative (unpainted) space just left that way, and do you use white of any description in your work?

    Posted by Jim Morris on Sat 02 Feb 12:49:26
  • I can't add much more to the extensive positive comments above but I like all your work and this one is superb. Thanks for the tutorial as well.

    Posted by Willie Drea on Sat 02 Feb 13:27:14
  • I agree with the above. Love your work and appreciate the information on how it was done.

    Posted by Margaret Nisbet on Sat 02 Feb 14:13:37
  • It's that lovely silver teapot again! Like the way it is placed and the very light area of the tablecloth with' the pattern of the curtain adding colour behind.

    Posted by Maureen Sherman on Sat 02 Feb 14:54:40
  • Your paintings take my breath away Rupert

    Posted by lynne whitfield on Sun 03 Feb 10:23:47
  • Top.

    Posted by Jos Fransen on Sat 09 Mar 16:44:18