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Day 29 - juvenile Heron

Day 29 - juvenile Heron


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  • Beautifully drawn Margaret! We have a stream running outside the house and a heron comes fishing very often.

    Posted by Margaret Beynon on Tue 29 Jan 16:20:47
  • This is gorgeous, Margaret. Love the pose, the colour palette and the pen drawing: everything!!!

    Posted by Mia Ketels on Tue 29 Jan 16:22:45
  • This is so good Margaret, the pose, so typical of a heron, and everything about it.

    Posted by Val Kenyon on Tue 29 Jan 16:41:02
  • Very nice work, Margaret,as Mia said , love everything...I saw a heron yesterday by a large pond , he flew away when he saw us , what a beautiful bird! :))

    Posted by Annick Whitcombe on Tue 29 Jan 16:43:06
  • I know the feeling about adding pen work to something intended to be just watercolour...I have that problem all the time. Except it's not really a problem, because I love pen and wash work...and I love your painting. Margaret. More please.

    Posted by Lewis Cooper on Tue 29 Jan 17:01:34
  • Super heron Margaret. They are such striking birds. Day 29, nearly there!

    Posted by Tessa Gwynne on Tue 29 Jan 17:58:42
  • Very good drawing of The Heron. I start with the intention of just using paint but invariably it becomes pen and wash. Super subdued watercolour for this regal bird.

    Posted by Richard Cooper on Tue 29 Jan 18:11:16
  • It’s hard to resist adding a bit of pen here and there, I have the same trouble Margaret. It’s a great little piece, I particularly like the water.

    Posted by Fiona Phipps on Tue 29 Jan 18:28:05
  • Pen always seems to bring the painting together to me also Margaret, this is a lovely example

    Posted by David Johns on Tue 29 Jan 18:35:21
  • Thank you all very much for your lovely comments - they are much appreciated :) Herons are such fabulous strange looking birds - a bit prehistoric looking, especially in flight - this one is a juvenile so it's plumage is a bit more subdued than that of an adult.

    Posted by Margaret Nisbet on Tue 29 Jan 19:38:37