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Day 24 - Borders Hills

Day 24 - Borders Hills


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  • Very effective and attractive painting, Margaret, reminiscent of the Cheviots. Delightfully suggestive and impressionistic.


    Posted by Brian J Mackay on Thu 24 Jan 18:06:49
  • Impressionistic like Brian said, lovely colour washes, Margaret. :)

    Posted by Annick Whitcombe on Thu 24 Jan 18:16:12
  • Thank you Brian :) Photo was taken a few miles south of Jedburgh - so pretty near the Cheviots.

    Thank you Annick :)

    Posted by Margaret Nisbet on Thu 24 Jan 20:14:47
  • I can imagine the scenery, Margaret. Great painting!

    Posted by Mia Ketels on Thu 24 Jan 21:30:55
  • Day 24 and still going strong. Well done.

    Posted by Jennifer Edwards on Fri 25 Jan 02:31:01
  • Thank you Mia and Jennifer :)

    Posted by Margaret Nisbet on Fri 25 Jan 09:57:54
  • You are still going strong Margaret, day 24 already!

    Posted by Margaret Beynon on Fri 25 Jan 14:28:10
  • Thanks Margaret :) I am starting to count down the days to the 31st when I will stop! (at least, I intend to continue trying to do a sketch a day for as long as possible but will stop posting daily on the Gallery).

    Posted by Margaret Nisbet on Fri 25 Jan 14:56:38
  • Lovely, delicate use of washes, Margaret.

    Posted by Seok Yam Chew on Fri 25 Jan 15:10:55
  • Thank you Seok :)

    Posted by Margaret Nisbet on Fri 25 Jan 16:13:08