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Haw Frost Watercolour

Haw Frost Watercolour


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  • Terrific Mark.

    Posted by Jim Morris on Mon 21 Jan 18:34:14
  • Lovely!

    Posted by Maureen Sherman on Mon 21 Jan 19:47:10
  • Captured the mood so well.

    Posted by Val-Irene Robertson on Mon 21 Jan 20:35:34
  • Gorgeous!

    Posted by Margaret Nisbet on Mon 21 Jan 20:55:01
  • That's beautiful.

    Posted by Dylan F Jeskye on Mon 21 Jan 21:01:36
  • Amazing painting, Mark. I admire your versatrility of subjects all mastered very well.

    Posted by Cesare Romano on Mon 21 Jan 21:37:58
  • Love this!

    Posted by Carole Swingler on Mon 21 Jan 22:20:27
  • Well that has taken me by surprise. I love the architecture of seed heads and buds when a long light hits them, just didn’t think anyone else would 🤓 Thanks for the comments.

    Posted by Mark Buck on Tue 22 Jan 11:40:37
  • So sharp! Love it, Mark!

    Posted by Thalia Stones on Tue 22 Jan 14:29:05
  • I love this watercolour Mark - I like the fact that you've used a limited colour palette so beautifully, and your mark making is excellent. I mainly use acrylics but I love watercolour as well - I just struggle with it a bit as a medium. I take inspiration from your work.

    Posted by Clare Hughes on Tue 22 Jan 14:33:09