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Bowled at the Bradman

Bowled at the Bradman


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  • Years ago I tried to paint something like this in watercolour and it came out a right royal mess. I subsequently cut the watercolour paper in half intending to use the 2 pieces on the other side as future painting surfaces.

    To cut a long story short, anyone who can paint a cricket match in all its glory is really talented and very patient. Well done. This is really NICE!

    Posted by Birjees Hussain on Thu 29 Nov 10:00:25
  • Very good capture of the action!

    Posted by Tessa Gwynne on Thu 29 Nov 10:41:21
  • Very vibrant. (more vibrant than cricket...) Well done!

    Posted by David Perry on Fri 30 Nov 07:13:34
  • A great subject and a great painting...

    Posted by Steve Brimble on Fri 30 Nov 12:36:22
  • Owzat, lovely rendering of a quintessential English scene!

    Posted by David Fitch on Sun 02 Dec 00:48:56
  • I wouldn’t expect to be attracted to a painting of cricket but this really captures the atmosphere. The greys in the ‘whites’ are used so skilfully and I love the way you painted the grass

    Posted by Diana Boanas on Wed 05 Dec 07:23:43