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  • Help, how do I turn this around ? i have tried turning first then uploading but it still ends up on the side ??

    Posted by Ann Hunt on Thu 11 Oct 21:15:53
  • Pat Harrison supplied this very helpful explanation how to show your pictures right way up. "iPads and phones are built to turn a picture depending on how you hold the gadget in your hand. In other words if it appears upside down or sideways after posting it should be deleted and uploaded again. You either need a photo editing APP for your iPad which allows you to turn the picture the right way up before uploading it to the gallery. Or else you can write down (or remember) which way you held your iPad when you took a picture which arrived on the gallery the right way up. You would then be able to make sure you always took your photos from that same position."
    From your comment it sounds as if the photograph came out sideways on your device? If so, from Pat's explanation you might need to photograph it again right way up? (If I have interpreted your question correctly). I hope anyway that the above helps, would be interested to know.

    Posted by Sandra Kennedy on Thu 11 Oct 21:38:12
  • Thank you Sandra
    That does help as i did not realise that was how it worked with the iPhone. I have been deleting and uploading with no success. I will go back to my normal camera and try again.

    Posted by Ann Hunt on Thu 11 Oct 21:51:08
  • I can see the that the drawing/painting is very lovely Ann whichever way up it is :)

    Posted by Carole Swingler on Fri 12 Oct 07:21:02
  • Thank you Carole, I wanted to try my hand at Pen and Wash in my sketchbook.

    Posted by Ann Hunt on Fri 12 Oct 13:18:01