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If Picasso did flamenco....

If Picasso did flamenco....


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  • That's superb. Better than Pablo himself.

    Posted by Stephen Kelly on Tue 09 Oct 21:33:46
  • Fabulous Jim. Love this.

    Posted by Jennifer Edwards on Wed 10 Oct 02:11:00
  • Super piece of work...very Picasso, very Jim.

    Posted by Lewis Cooper on Wed 10 Oct 06:38:55
  • Spectacular.

    Posted by Alan Green on Wed 10 Oct 07:05:11
  • Jim you never cease to amaze me with your variety of style, this is very good!

    Posted by Carole Swingler on Wed 10 Oct 07:13:31
  • A big WOW from me it's excellent Jim, I love it!

    Posted by Susan Fisher on Wed 10 Oct 08:03:02
  • You can add me to the list of admirers. I prefer this to Pablo himself. Far more fun. lol
    Now, just in case you think I'm being trite, I don't particularly like Picasso enough to hang one of his cubist pieces on my wall, but I would give this one space any day of the week.

    Incidentally, I think his early work is/was superb.


    Posted by Brian J Mackay on Wed 10 Oct 08:59:29
  • "Wow", in return!. Thanks all for the kind and ever so flattering comments. The work is original but the colours and style take direction from the master. I don't like all Picasso's work, but some of his cubism is utterly brilliant. It was viewing his "Girl with a Mandolin" that gave me the idea.

    Posted by Jim Morris on Wed 10 Oct 09:32:18
  • Like this very much Jim, you have really great imagination.

    Posted by Sandra Kennedy on Wed 10 Oct 10:10:25
  • What lovely movement and fun. I like this a lot.

    Posted by Jill Veitch on Wed 10 Oct 10:18:49