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  • I thnk the rough paper suits well your painting style. Delightful painting Thalia. Just perfect!

    Posted by on Fri 05 Oct 06:37:28
  • Great dark/light contrast Thalia.

    Posted by Sandra Kennedy on Fri 05 Oct 07:10:27
  • Yes the rough shows the texture of the walls Thalia. Such lovely strong values, lights against shadows.

    Posted by Nancy Farrar Coughlin on Fri 05 Oct 07:13:00
  • Thank you for such kind comments, Ibolya, Sandra and Nancy. Really appreciate your thoughts.
    This is an old house in Rabat temporarily uninhabited [just hope no one'develops' it!] which is used to sell antiques and paintings in the two weeks around Easter. A percentage goes to charity.

    Posted by Thalia Stones on Fri 05 Oct 07:25:36
  • Yes, I got the feel of antiques and an old building from your painting Thalia. Your floor application of light, tiles or stones, leads us to the warmth and bright sun outside. The top window and shutters over the door are one of my favorite parts.

    Posted by Nancy Farrar Coughlin on Fri 05 Oct 07:57:25
  • I remember previous version Thalia, loved that, love this!
    Even without your lovely background explanation , I feel there’s a story being told here!

    Posted by Tessa Gwynne on Fri 05 Oct 08:11:26
  • It's really beautiful. The composition makes me fell like I am in the room.

    Posted by Dawn Halliwell on Fri 05 Oct 08:11:38
  • Both painting are beautiful, Thalia, beautiful light and shadows and good light reflections.

    Posted by Cesare Romano on Fri 05 Oct 08:21:13
  • I love this subject matter Thalia, interiors with loads of atmosphere, lights and darks. Great job.

    Posted by Marjorie Firth on Fri 05 Oct 08:59:36
  • And it all came out just great Thalia. Great perspective, a pleasing light/dark contrast and plenty interest. Lovely work.

    Posted by Jim Morris on Fri 05 Oct 09:14:18