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Deepwater on the Thames near Kew Bridge, oil on 60x40cm board

Deepwater on the Thames near Kew Bridge, oil on 60x40cm board


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  • I like your mark making here.

    Posted by Sandra Kennedy on Mon 03 Sep 21:47:14
  • Justin I like your latest paintings very much, is there a slight shift in style, it looks terrific whatever you are doing.

    Posted by Fiona Phipps on Tue 04 Sep 20:02:34
  • Thanks Fiona, I think I'm getting more confident using thicker paint, the last dozen or more I have posted have been acrylic on board, and mostly plain air so I have been treating them more like oils. The last two of Deepwater are using oils which is so squidgy I cant help myself, and tbh is what I should stick with its just so seductive and decadent, I just have a thing about getting it right with acrylics at the moment. What I want is to get the acrylic to do the same things I can do in oil, so I'm adding retarder and gloss medium for glazes, and I've just bought a large jar of gel medium so I can improve the squidginess, and the next one or two I do probably tomorrow (more boats i'm afraid) will be in acrylics to compare how they look. Really though I'm just doing it for 'myself', and I have great backlog of things I want to paint now I'm back at work, and its not 30 plus degrees in my shed.

    Posted by Justin Twigg on Tue 04 Sep 22:38:28
  • Just gorgeous, Justin. Such juicy paint, texture is yummy!

    Posted by Thalia Stones on Fri 07 Sep 07:42:34