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  • It's a powerful rendition Margaret and very well painted and the colposition works fine for me. Maybe a small touch more of spray where the sea hits the rocks to highlight the movement?

    Posted by Jim Morris on Sat 11 Aug 10:45:48
  • The dramatic dark/light contrast certainly does it for me.

    Posted by Sandra Kennedy on Sat 11 Aug 11:53:20
  • Really like this, so dramatic and effective, composition looks fine to me but a touch of spray will enhance it even further as Jim says. Great piece! Love it

    Posted by Thalia Stones on Sat 11 Aug 15:01:38
  • Mean and moody....fabulous Margaret!

    Posted by Fiona Phipps on Sat 11 Aug 17:50:58
  • Thank you Jim - a great suggestion re spray. I have done that now and it does look better.

    Thanks also Sandra, Thalia, and Fiona for your comments.

    All your comments and suggestions much appreciated. :)

    Posted by Margaret Nisbet on Sat 11 Aug 20:16:40
  • Very stormy, your painting is great Margaret.

    Posted by Carole Swingler on Sun 12 Aug 07:05:01
  • Thank you Carole.

    Posted by Margaret Nisbet on Sun 12 Aug 09:44:11