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  • Fabulous Kevan, not seen anything from you for some time, unless I've missed it.

    Posted by Alan Bickley on Tue 07 Aug 11:16:45
  • Welcome back Kevan! And what a come back with this exciting landscape, do I detect a slight shift in style? Lol You’ve got some gorgeous effects and movement in the clouds and foreground.

    Posted by Fiona Phipps on Tue 07 Aug 12:52:35
  • Thankyou Alan and Fiona. Yes, I thought it was about time I updated with some new work as it's been a while. Yes Fiona, recently I've been exploring some new techniques with acrylics, mainly mixing very fluid paint and giving it a bit of freedom to do its own thing - to an extent! Glad you like it.

    Posted by KEVAN MCGINTY on Tue 07 Aug 13:44:34
  • I love this, Kevin, great textures and colours. (At first glance it looked a bit like an underwater scene, with translucent marine life floating over a coral reef!)

    Posted by Jenny Harris on Tue 07 Aug 15:37:01
  • Thanks Jenny, that mysterious, translucent atmosphere was high on my agenda, so your comments are much appreciated!

    Posted by KEVAN MCGINTY on Tue 07 Aug 16:48:33
  • This is striking, unique and brilliantly executed. Really beautiful Kevan.

    Posted by Rebecca Ritchie on Tue 07 Aug 17:22:04
  • Thank you so much Rebecca!

    Posted by KEVAN MCGINTY on Tue 07 Aug 18:41:53
  • Great colours.

    Posted by Sandra Kennedy on Tue 07 Aug 21:21:45
  • Thanks Sandra

    Posted by KEVAN MCGINTY on Wed 08 Aug 06:14:29
  • Love the sky, you have got a beautiful effect with the paint flow.

    Posted by Alita Porter on Wed 08 Aug 08:20:03