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Quick acrylic sketch, Botallack

Quick acrylic sketch, Botallack


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  • Has a real freshness to it.

    Posted by Tony Auffret on Sun 29 Jul 17:46:06
  • Sorry I thought this was from your sketch book work. ( see your sketch ) Though this has a lovely freshness and spontenaity .

    Posted by SYLVIA EVANS on Sun 29 Jul 18:35:39
  • Hi Sylvia - I call this a quick acrylic sketch, because when I work outside on the clifftops, I do very quick work using my acrylics - so they are more 'sketches' than mapped out paintings, if you see what I mean. Thank you for your positive comment, I'm so pleased you like it. Clare.

    Posted by Clare Hughes on Sun 29 Jul 19:30:02
  • Super colours and loose sketching. Look forward to next stage if there is on, if not this stands alone as an attractive painting.

    Posted by Tessa Gwynne on Sun 29 Jul 20:42:02
  • Like it very much, agree with Sylvia's and Tessa's comments.

    Posted by Sandra Kennedy on Sun 29 Jul 21:56:03
  • Thanks you all for your great comments
    And for Tessa & Sylvia who have expressed interest, I do have painting form the next stage, it is featured in my folder titled 'Acrylic Paintings', which you can find if you look int my full profile.
    Thank you again for your interest.

    Posted by Clare Hughes on Sun 29 Jul 22:54:29
  • Lovely painting 😃

    Posted by Linda Drury on Mon 30 Jul 09:47:18