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  • That’s lovely, Thalia. Like the brush strokes and the delicacy of the flowers.

    Posted by Seth Dalton on Fri 20 Jul 08:57:38
  • Love it Thalia, everything about it. .

    Posted by Jim Morris on Fri 20 Jul 09:10:17
  • Me too! Great impression and gorgeous colours. Excellent, Thalia.


    Posted by Brian J Mackay on Fri 20 Jul 09:35:52
  • Lovely!

    Posted by Maureen Sherman on Fri 20 Jul 10:32:27
  • Beautiful.

    Posted by Margaret Nisbet on Fri 20 Jul 10:43:19
  • Love the originality of this Thalia. Your output is quite phenomenal. How do you manage to do so many lovely paintings?

    Posted by Carole Kelly on Fri 20 Jul 10:55:20
  • Gorgeous work and on the home page gallery, well done Thalia.

    Posted by Alan Bickley on Fri 20 Jul 11:07:43
  • Lovely colours and textures.

    Posted by Sandra Kennedy on Fri 20 Jul 11:43:32
  • Thank you for such a kind enthusiastic comment, Seth, Jim, Brian, Maureen, Margaret, Carole, Alan, and Sandra. It was painted over another failed oil painting which I had to 'cut' into. I should have posted the stages of frustration it went through and the guests' mystified expressions as the watched the first 'cuts'!!!! Priceless!

    Posted by Thalia Stones on Fri 20 Jul 13:41:17
  • Wonderful!

    Posted by Margaret Beynon on Fri 20 Jul 14:39:07