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When twilight falls

When twilight falls


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  • Great atmosphere and textures, Chandra. Good for a fairy tale.

    Posted by Cesare Romano on Thu 12 Jul 22:30:20
  • Imaginitive Chandra. I like imaginitive scenarios. Nice work.

    Posted by Jim Morris on Fri 13 Jul 00:27:07
  • Super work Chandra, certainly different in concept, which is on my wave length.

    Posted by Alan Bickley on Fri 13 Jul 06:36:51
  • I like the textures you have created with this painting Chandra and good colours 😃

    Posted by Linda Drury on Fri 13 Jul 09:38:45
  • So beautiful Chandra...the concept, as Alan said.....the colours and textures, not to mention the atmosphere.

    Posted by Fiona Phipps on Fri 13 Jul 11:22:38
  • Lovely mark making...the stuff dreams are made of!

    Posted by Thalia Stones on Fri 13 Jul 12:46:36
  • Some great textures in this Chandra, lovely work.

    Posted by Margaret Beynon on Fri 13 Jul 15:13:04
  • Thank you all for your lovely comments, I appreciate them very much. This is the first painting im the Twilight series that I started recently.

    Posted by Chandra Ward on Fri 13 Jul 20:33:15
  • This is lovely, Chandra, the use of cling film is very effective.

    Posted by Jenny Harris on Sat 14 Jul 10:12:03
  • Thank you, Jenny....I didn’t leave it on too long as I wanted to achieve a soft and subtle effect.

    Posted by Chandra Ward on Sun 15 Jul 17:33:19