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The Brewery Tavern

The Brewery Tavern


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  • I love your style, Alan.

    Posted by Seth Dalton on Tue 17 Apr 17:08:51
  • Love this Alan ,i am very fond of this old litho print railway poster style , have done quite a few myself, background monochrome detail, well done

    Posted by DAVID WILKES on Tue 17 Apr 17:10:24
  • Absolutely love this - love the different shades of blue. very cool painting!

    Posted by Georgina Potter on Tue 17 Apr 19:17:57
  • What a great painting Alan.

    Posted by Margaret Beynon on Wed 18 Apr 10:46:36
  • I enjoy this poster style painting, especially an old "town" pub that still appears to be open !!

    Posted by Richard Cooper on Wed 18 Apr 17:15:12
  • Love the simplification, both shapes and colours

    Posted by Stephen Stead on Thu 19 Apr 12:05:22
  • Love the green. POPS so nicely against the soft purple shadows!

    Posted by Carson Cooper on Tue 24 Apr 22:09:39
  • Thank to each for all the comments. Sadly, this pub is no long open or even existing. It has been demolished and a new building erected on the site.

    Posted by Alan Taylor on Thu 17 May 12:25:25