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  • This is lovely Louise, especially the colours. (Would be interested to know how you rework your watercolours, do you perhaps add gouache or collage, or just more watercolour?)

    Posted by Jenny Harris on Wed 21 Feb 09:09:16
  • Thanks Jenny. I was never too happy with this one and and as it was just languishing in my painting drawer, I thought I'd try and improve it. The bottom right corner was originally an orange stripe and an odd flower shape so I added more colour and texture there. The cottages seemed to be floating so I darkened them. There's no collage, just more colour and sometimes a touch of white gouache. It looks better now so it was worth doing! Sometimes a drastic change works and if it doesn't, I just move on. My thought are that if I don't try, then I'll never know :)

    Posted by Louise Naimian on Wed 21 Feb 09:28:06
  • Whatever you did to it it's worked, it looks a really strong painting, love the colours, 😀

    Posted by Linda Drury on Wed 21 Feb 09:52:21
  • Beautiful colours, and just love the bright yellow moon. Certainly well worth re-working.

    Posted by Sandra Kennedy on Wed 21 Feb 09:57:58
  • Ooh I like this Louise. The colours are super, a smashing painting.

    Posted by Margaret Beynon on Wed 21 Feb 09:58:24
  • Many thanks Linda, Sandra and Margaret :)

    Posted by Louise Naimian on Wed 21 Feb 10:20:15
  • Love your complex and multi-layered images.

    Posted by Robert Jones, N.A.P.A. on Wed 21 Feb 11:11:39
  • Thank you Robert!

    Posted by Louise Naimian on Wed 21 Feb 11:37:50
  • Good result, Louise.

    Posted by Cesare Romano on Wed 21 Feb 11:41:51
  • This is terrific - lots to look at, great design, gorgeous colours.

    Posted by Maureen Sherman on Wed 21 Feb 11:43:50