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Turtle 1

Turtle 1


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  • I have been asked by my grand daughter's school fare to sell some of my work to raise money for the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation. So trying think up some ideas for that. David's work obviously involved a lot of African wildlife, but some one has suggested I do British wildlife - I have never tried that so will have to think up some ideas.

    Posted by June Covey on Fri 09 Feb 15:35:16
  • This is gorgeous June. There is plenty of great British wildlife out there for you to play with - try your nearest beach, river or nature reserve for ideas - or your own back garden or park can hold surprising and inspiring wildlife. Your owl paintings are beautiful and I'm sure they would count as British wildlife too!

    Posted by Emma P on Fri 09 Feb 15:55:58
  • This is so beautiful June, lovely work.

    Posted by Margaret Beynon on Fri 09 Feb 16:15:02
  • This is such S beautifully calm painting. I like the light on the turtles back and those two areas where you used salt are so lovely. I have never been successful with it.

    Posted by Diana Boanas on Fri 09 Feb 17:29:49
  • A really lovely painting. The turtle looks beautiful.

    Posted by Sandra Kennedy on Fri 09 Feb 17:56:01
  • He looks happy swimming about. It’s lovely June.

    Posted by Janet Humphrey on Fri 09 Feb 23:18:00
  • I've just saved this photo from unsplash to paint! You've done a great job.

    Posted by Helen Guy on Sat 10 Feb 00:04:39
  • This is lovely June the light on the turtles back suggests to me that he is near the surface and it’s just catching the sun.

    Posted by Barry Hulme on Sat 10 Feb 07:32:57
  • This is truly lovely and somehow so calming to look at. Good luck with more wildlife pictures.

    Posted by Tony Wiggins on Sat 10 Feb 08:12:03
  • Agree with previous comment, this is so restful to look at, a beautiful painting.

    Posted by Jenny Harris on Sat 10 Feb 09:07:50