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Stink Pot Alley

Stink Pot Alley


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  • I love this Barry, such a wonderful composition and colours. Super light coming from the left behind the trees. However I don't think your title gives justice to this lovely piece😉😁

    Posted by Margaret Beynon on Tue 06 Feb 18:42:24
  • Good painting and beautiful view, Barry.

    Posted by Cesare Romano on Tue 06 Feb 18:52:10
  • Thank you Margaret apologies for the title but it takes me back to my school days when this was the route of our cross country runs.

    Posted by Barry Hulme on Tue 06 Feb 19:00:49
  • Thank you Cesare.

    Posted by Barry Hulme on Tue 06 Feb 19:01:22
  • Delightful painting, Barry.

    Posted by Linda Wilson on Tue 06 Feb 19:09:56
  • Another beauty Barry.

    Posted by Stephen Slater on Tue 06 Feb 19:11:15
  • That's gorgeous Barry - the kind of watercolour I like.

    Posted by Maureen Sherman on Tue 06 Feb 19:34:32
  • Thank you Linda, Stephen and Maureen for you lovely comments.

    Posted by Barry Hulme on Tue 06 Feb 19:42:42
  • Lovely tranquil scene painted well Barry.

    Posted by Frank Bingley on Tue 06 Feb 20:03:53
  • Terrific Barry. The sunlit tree sets the whole scene for me.

    Posted by Brian Parnell on Tue 06 Feb 20:11:11