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The Morning Walk

The Morning Walk


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  • This is a beauty Barry, love the way you have painted the foliage, with a mixture of soft and hard edges. A simple but good composition, with the winding path taking us through the open gate, past our familiar friends and on into the distance. Super work.

    Posted by Stephen Slater on Fri 02 Feb 09:48:38
  • Lovely painting as always, colours and shadows are beautiful 😃

    Posted by Linda Drury on Fri 02 Feb 09:58:14
  • Thank you Stephen, I think over the years I have developed my ability to take photos that make good paintings.

    Posted by Barry Hulme on Fri 02 Feb 10:00:05
  • Thank you Linda, getting the shadows to work is often difficult but so important.

    Posted by Barry Hulme on Fri 02 Feb 10:02:59
  • Great as usual, Barry. Looking at the painting I get the impression that you paint the shadows that right? (I don't do many landscapes, but I've tended to get the darks in first. As I do in my other pictures. Maybe it doesn't suit landscape?)

    Posted by Lewis Cooper on Fri 02 Feb 10:13:21
  • Thank you Lewis, your correct as this is watercolour and the accepted wisdom is to paint from light to dark. However, if I was using acrylic or oil I would establish the darks first and use opaque paint to create the light. I do know some watercolour painters who do put their darks in early which would suggest there is no right or wrong way my motto is “go with what works for you”

    Posted by Barry Hulme on Fri 02 Feb 10:21:44
  • A superb piece, Barry. Love the rendering of light and the fabulously loose washes.

    Posted by Seok Yam Chew on Fri 02 Feb 11:17:31
  • A beautiful idyllic scene which you have done perfectly, Barry. Love the purple/greens of the foliage.

    Posted by Ellen Mooney on Fri 02 Feb 12:31:28
  • Beautiful, Barry. A peaceful painting I can look at for a long time.

    Posted by Shirley May on Fri 02 Feb 13:09:14
  • Love this Barry and I particularly love the area of dark trees and building it glows fantastic mate

    Posted by dennis roberts on Fri 02 Feb 13:25:26