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Sun going down in a misty Grand Canal, Venice

Sun going down in a misty Grand Canal, Venice


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  • Beautiful Mark.

    Posted by rachel keens on Tue 23 Jan 17:38:21
  • Great work, Mark. Love the big sky.

    Posted by Lewis Cooper on Tue 23 Jan 17:45:33
  • Lovely work Mark. You got it all perfectly.

    Posted by Jim Morris on Tue 23 Jan 18:22:28
  • Beautifully captured Mark

    Posted by russell edwards on Tue 23 Jan 18:44:00
  • lovely work Mark,

    Posted by David Johns on Tue 23 Jan 19:22:00
  • What size is this Mark? Love the sense of space and perspective.

    Posted by Dawn Halliwell on Tue 23 Jan 20:23:34
  • Hi Dawn, it is 45cm x 45cm exactly.

    Posted by Mark Buck on Tue 23 Jan 20:25:37
  • Lovely work, Mark

    Posted by Maureen Sherman on Tue 23 Jan 20:58:08
  • I really like this more unusual palette for this subject.

    Posted by Diana Boanas on Wed 24 Jan 08:03:35
  • Thanks everyone for your comments. Much appreciated!

    Posted by Mark Buck on Wed 24 Jan 10:28:59