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Harry II (Sorcerers Stone)

Harry II (Sorcerers Stone)


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  • Wow, that really is magical

    Posted by Annie Davenport on Mon 22 Jan 17:50:04
  • Thank you, Annie!

    Posted by Skylar Brown on Mon 22 Jan 18:16:05
  • Amazing Skylar, those glasses really look as if they are magnifying his eyes,

    Posted by David Johns on Mon 22 Jan 19:27:38
  • David - Thanks so much. I do a lot of things that I don't even see, til afterwards. That one I missed.

    Posted by Skylar Brown on Mon 22 Jan 19:39:24
  • Amazing work, Skylar!

    Posted by Cesare Romano on Mon 22 Jan 20:19:38
  • An astonishing piece, filled with mood and mystery. The glasses and eyes are brilliant!


    Posted by Brian J Mackay on Mon 22 Jan 21:25:05
  • Yes, his face is mesmerising, eyes brilliant, wonderful green glow on the skin. You know Skylar, I live just 7 miles from Hogwarts ( Alnwick Castle, Northumberland) and I've never seen any of the films or read any of the books! But I have read other novels by JKR and they are excellent.

    Posted by Marjorie Firth on Mon 22 Jan 21:31:33
  • Cesare - I am pleased you like this. Thanks!

    Posted by Skylar Brown on Mon 22 Jan 23:17:25
  • Brian - Thanks! I always start with the eyes.

    Posted by Skylar Brown on Mon 22 Jan 23:18:32
  • Marjory - Thank you very much! You don't have to be a child to appreciate the works. (Well, maybe that's just me - I am a 12-Yr-old trapped in a 70 Yr old body!)

    Posted by Skylar Brown on Mon 22 Jan 23:20:40