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Tin Mine through the Mist From Trencrom

Tin Mine through the Mist From Trencrom


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  • Beautiful, I love the way you have painted the boulders, in fact everything about it is great 😃

    Posted by Linda Drury on Wed 10 Jan 17:59:28
  • Love the textures and the boulders. Really atmospheric

    Posted by Peter Moxon on Wed 10 Jan 18:06:37
  • This is great work Clare, beautifully done and capturing the colour and light splendidly. You have a wealth of such views in Cornwall and I am sure that we will enjoy plenty more of your work.

    Posted by Trevor Loftus on Wed 10 Jan 18:16:25
  • Beautifully realistic.

    Posted by Sandra Kennedy on Wed 10 Jan 19:40:39
  • Beautifully painted Clare. love the foreground and the way you have the old mine showing through the mist

    Posted by David Johns on Wed 10 Jan 19:48:06
  • A good composition, good colour and those big rocks are so well painted. All together, a super painting :)

    Posted by Louise Naimian on Wed 10 Jan 20:20:09
  • Lovely depth in this one Clare. I’m the small gallery image the large boulder looks like a giant’s head.

    Posted by Stephen Slater on Thu 11 Jan 00:31:36
  • Very fine work. I love the contrast between the solid foreground, and misty distance.

    Posted by Lewis Cooper on Thu 11 Jan 07:19:29
  • Wonderful really like this.

    Posted by Carole Swingler on Thu 11 Jan 07:52:11
  • Amazing textures on the rocks.

    Posted by Diana Boanas on Thu 11 Jan 08:21:52