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landscape with sun

landscape with sun


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  • Like the image and the strong colours, David

    Posted by Maureen Sherman on Mon 01 Jan 22:55:11
  • Agree.

    Posted by Sandra Kennedy on Tue 02 Jan 05:36:22
  • A great painting with strong lovely colours David. I bought a set of watersoluble oils and have tried them once without any succes. Do you thin them with Liquin or Sansodeur?

    Posted by Satu Vartiainen on Tue 02 Jan 08:50:12
  • Hi Satu.. i just use plain water to mix the oils, i have addatives but rarely use them. I primed the canvas with red acrylic , then used thin watery washes of the oils to create the areas of the composition. the middle ground i applied in dark blues and paynes grey in a little thicker mix, sprayed it with water and let it run.The area between the runs where filled in with various mixes of paint in lessening degrees of to water to paint and after a little hairdryer drying used paint straight from the tube as dry brushing. The whole thing was not planned, no reference i just let the paint show the way ,great fun. Hope this helps my friend ..happy new year.. Dave Wilkes

    Posted by DAVID WILKES on Tue 02 Jan 12:41:18
  • Thank you ever so much David for explaining! I didn't know that yo can dilute the paints with water but thought that water is only used for cleaning the brushes. I'll give them another go and see what happens. Happy New Year David and thank you again.

    Posted by Satu Vartiainen on Tue 02 Jan 14:12:45
  • Wonderful painting David, nice to see the use of these oils. I myself use them and think they're brilliant , as I use both water to thin in early stages and both linseed and stand oil later on. Great job David.

    Posted by andre mulard on Wed 03 Jan 04:35:36
  • Great composition.

    Posted by Jenny Moed-Korpela on Wed 03 Jan 12:49:19
  • Great composition.

    Posted by Jenny Moed-Korpela on Wed 03 Jan 12:49:27