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Paddy’s Hole

Paddy’s Hole


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  • So well worked great colours and technique Barry quality work as always

    Posted by dennis rounding on Fri 08 Dec 15:15:28
  • Accuracy is never an issue for me Barry, I'm looking for the ambience of the place and you have portrayed this with style.

    Posted by Alan Bickley on Fri 08 Dec 15:16:12
  • Thanks Dennis your comments appreciated as always.

    Posted by Barry Hulme on Fri 08 Dec 15:19:52
  • Nor for me Alan but I have had some comments in the past and so I decided to make things clear at the start. I am with you about ambience which is probably why I enjoy Plein air as it gives you the chance to experience a subject.

    Posted by Barry Hulme on Fri 08 Dec 15:23:45
  • Lovely painting, I prefer some imagination rather than a photographic image Barry.

    Posted by Carole Swingler on Fri 08 Dec 15:31:34
  • I think you have it spot on, I wouldn't have changed anything, as always a great painting 😃

    Posted by Linda Drury on Fri 08 Dec 15:59:59
  • Thank you Carole good to hear that others are on the same page.

    Posted by Barry Hulme on Fri 08 Dec 16:17:10
  • Thank you Linda glad you like it🙂

    Posted by Barry Hulme on Fri 08 Dec 16:19:11
  • Really interesting harbour scene, lots to see here.

    Posted by Sandra Kennedy on Fri 08 Dec 21:10:25
  • Thank you Sandra, it probably has too much to see.

    Posted by Barry Hulme on Fri 08 Dec 22:08:07