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Beached For The Day

Beached For The Day


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  • You should do more John great handled beautiful work

    Posted by dennis rounding on Tue 05 Dec 07:41:23
  • Like this John. Agree with Dennis, you must do lots more. It really is good to change medium now and then, it's liberating. A lesson I must learn!!!

    Posted by Jennifer Brown on Tue 05 Dec 07:51:55
  • It might be rare but you have made a brilliant job of it John.

    Posted by Barry Hulme on Tue 05 Dec 08:10:50
  • Really like this, John, quite different to your usual style. Is it a recent one?

    Posted by Jenny Harris on Tue 05 Dec 08:47:20
  • Thanks Dennis, Jennifer,Barry, and Jenny.

    Posted by John Inkson on Tue 05 Dec 08:58:07
  • This is not a resent piece of work Jenny I came across it looking for something else. This sort of watercolour takes a while to do. At the time I suppose I wanted to prove I could do watercolour. But I prefer, oils, pastels, big brushes and a palette knife. But I do admire watercolour painting Rolland Hilder is one of my favourites. In the end we settle on what we like. I also do small ceramic sculptures, just love clay modelling. Although we would like too we cannot have our hands in everything.

    Posted by John Inkson on Tue 05 Dec 09:07:39
  • That's brilliant John. Such a pro.

    Posted by Michael McManus on Tue 05 Dec 09:14:10
  • You are talented in many mediums John - a lovely painting with lots of detail.

    Posted by Adele Elgood on Tue 05 Dec 09:38:59
  • Brill.....................................

    Posted by Peter Patrington on Tue 05 Dec 09:52:35
  • Thank you Michael, Adele and Peter, your approval is very much appreciated.

    Posted by John Inkson on Tue 05 Dec 10:00:33