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Christ on the Cross

Christ on the Cross


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  • A very strong Christ. He seems to have a 'thousand yard stare'...and why not? He must have been shell shcokedby then . Youve painted him still strong, almost standing, not collapsed and weak. I think scripturally he was weak by now, thirsty and torn, foresaken. Still, he must have been strong to go through with it to the end. I could really dig into this image. I like it. I do like that thousand yard stare though. If you dont mind I will try to print this off for personal reflection.

    Posted by David Perry on Sun 05 Nov 21:38:27
  • By all means David. feel free to print a copy; and thankyou for your comments. I was very happy with the painting, and am going to do it again only larger and with slightly different details. I`ll take on board your comments and see if I can get him to appear more collapsed, whilst still retaining the `thousand yard stare`.

    Posted by Simon Harvey on Wed 29 Nov 15:02:47