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A painting of a painting

A painting of a painting


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  • Marjorie, you obviously have a real talent for the still life paintings. This has a lovely soft feel to it. I don't think putting a plant instead of the tray would do it any favours, there being different things below the painting allows the eye to be drawn to it. A plant would clash with the vase of lilies in my view. It balances at the moment.

    Posted by Annie Davenport on Sat 21 Oct 17:14:10
  • I tend to agree with Annie. But then I am always in awe of your paintings Marjorie. The possible only teensy critique I would make is an overall tonal value and sameness . Just a thought.

    Posted by SYLVIA EVANS on Sat 21 Oct 17:31:48
  • Thanks both of you. Sylvia, I'm going to glaze the dark areas more and maybe then we might see some the moment I like the left diagonal but the tray is a sticking point.

    Posted by Marjorie Firth on Sat 21 Oct 17:47:39
  • Beautiful Marjorie. I love the softness of this painting - I see where Sylvia is coming from as I think a touch more contrast wouldn't hurt, but that said I think it works really well as-is.

    Posted by Anth Knight on Sat 21 Oct 17:48:19
  • Excellent still life Margorie, I concur that a plant probably wouldn’t work. I think the darkening of the shadow areas however, will produce a central shaft of light that should make it sing. Probably needs to be darker than you think.

    Posted by Barry Hulme on Sat 21 Oct 18:39:39
  • I have read the thoughts on contrast Marjorie and at first though the same myself BUT I think that would destroy the beautiful style you have of capturing those soft atmospheres one sees in your paintings. The golden area in the right hand corner is balanced with the left hand corner of the chest which evokes depth. If one half closers ones eye you can see the painting does have depth. Thats the beauty of the painting. The only thing, and its just my view, is if you cover up part of the top it tends to sharpens the composition.

    Posted by John Inkson on Sat 21 Oct 19:04:48
  • This is all good advice. You've got me thinking.

    Posted by Marjorie Firth on Sat 21 Oct 19:11:35
  • Beautiful painting, Marjorie... I would leave it just as it is!

    Posted by Jan Rossington on Sat 21 Oct 19:28:45
  • Beautiful soft colours and lovely palette. I've read the comments below which were interesting, I don't feel qualified to critique so will just say that I like it very much.

    Posted by Sandra Kennedy on Sat 21 Oct 20:25:04
  • Beautiful painting and great subjects!

    Posted by Sarah Stanley on Sat 21 Oct 21:43:38