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Paso 2.

Paso 2.


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  • This is full of mouvement, Jim! Great work.

    Posted by Mia Ketels on Thu 19 Oct 16:02:17
  • Love your dancing paintings. Do you watch Strictly for inspiration ?

    Posted by Diana Boanas on Thu 19 Oct 16:28:36
  • Thanks Mia and Diana. I do watch Strictly Diana, being a lifetime dance lover. From being in a teenage rock and roll team right up to taking part in a B.B.C. T.V dance programme on our local Palais only two years ago. I've also attended ballroom, Spanish dance and flamenco classes in the past. I love dance and think it should be made compulsory by law for everyone to do. (-:

    Posted by Jim Morris on Thu 19 Oct 18:15:27
  • Agreed!

    Posted by Linda Wilson on Thu 19 Oct 18:30:22
  • Lots of atmosphere in this painting, Jim - I agree that it's full of movement...

    Posted by Jan Rossington on Thu 19 Oct 20:32:56