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  • beautifully rendered Sarah and what a beautiful face ,excellent

    Posted by dennis roberts on Mon 16 Oct 17:40:34
  • A beautiful painting Sarah.

    Posted by Linda Drury on Mon 16 Oct 18:13:02
  • Exquisite work!

    Posted by Skylar Brown on Mon 16 Oct 18:38:10
  • Such a familiar pose - this is the look I used to get in the mornings; the 'are you thinking of getting up soon?' look. Love these dogs - but like so many, other than human, animals, they just don't live long enough.

    Posted by Robert Jones, N.A.P.A. on Mon 16 Oct 18:58:17
  • A beautiful painting Sarah, lovely colours and detail

    Posted by David Johns on Mon 16 Oct 20:43:14
  • I keep coming back to this wonderful image. It makes me think of my future with my 17 yr old Shep-Pit mix. He is my Best Friend.

    Posted by Skylar Brown on Mon 16 Oct 20:57:42
  • Great pose, lovely painting of a beautiful dog. I am so sorry he is no longer your companion.

    Posted by Sandra Kennedy on Mon 16 Oct 21:07:18
  • Thank you so much Dennis, Linda, Skylar and Robert. You're so right Robert, they simply don't live long enough and this one hadn't even reached middle age! Really appreciate you all taking the time to comment!

    Posted by Sarah Eden on Mon 16 Oct 21:26:55
  • Superb!! You have such skill to produce such a beautiful work of art Sarah.

    Posted by Margaret Beynon on Tue 17 Oct 14:37:22
  • Just brilliant. Everything, the fur, the eyes etc.

    Posted by Richard Quirk on Sat 21 Oct 11:53:04