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The man from Donegal

The man from Donegal


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  • From the pattern on the tweed cap to the teeth on the zips, this is superb work. I'll raise my own cap to you John. Wonderful.

    Posted by Jim Morris on Tue 10 Oct 12:40:26
  • Every time I look at your paintings John, I gasp out loud. They are so wonderful, your detail is superb.

    Posted by Margaret Beynon on Tue 10 Oct 13:48:57
  • That's a level of finish I should describe as "complete" - and yet your work doesn't look laboured or over-done.... just goes to show that "less is more" is not an unbreakable rule. There is no way in the world that I'd ever paint every tooth on a zip, and while I wonder if I even could, I know I'm not going to try - but you make it work, without reducing a painting to the boringly photographic....

    Posted by Robert Jones, N.A.P.A. on Tue 10 Oct 14:44:23
  • Wonderful!!

    Posted by russell edwards on Tue 10 Oct 21:20:51
  • Another superb.

    Posted by SYLVIA EVANS on Tue 10 Oct 22:21:40
  • From his eyes to his skin to his clothes, a truly amazing watercolour.

    Posted by Val Kenyon on Thu 12 Oct 15:50:47
  • Really nice work John. Your detail brings him to life

    Posted by David Frampton on Thu 12 Oct 17:32:32
  • Wow - such detail John. I think portraits of "mature" people are so interesting as they have their character written in each line of the face!

    Posted by Adele Elgood on Sun 15 Oct 09:49:10
  • This is a very striking painting, tells a story, fabulous detail brings him to life. What a fabulous portrait, you are an amazing artist

    Posted by Shirley Godein on Fri 27 Oct 21:45:11
  • This is a level of realism I would dearly love to achieve... Astounding work!

    Posted by David Mccarroll on Mon 11 Dec 13:24:43