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Small Comfort

Small Comfort


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  • A lovely sketch Barry, would look good as an 0il

    Posted by David Johns on Fri 08 Sep 16:14:22
  • Yes I think you're right many thanks David

    Posted by Barry Hulme on Fri 08 Sep 16:26:35
  • Great atmosphere Barry.

    Posted by Linda Drury on Fri 08 Sep 17:02:15
  • Well drawn... look forward to the next step .

    Posted by SYLVIA EVANS on Fri 08 Sep 18:12:24
  • Oh yes definitely an oil! Marvellous work Barry.

    Posted by Margaret Beynon on Fri 08 Sep 18:50:52
  • Like it Barry, look forward to the oil!

    Posted by Fiona Phipps on Fri 08 Sep 18:58:45
  • I've never used oils Barry, but I think this is an oil painting. Great everyday characters in natural pose taken from actual life. Yes, an oil.

    Posted by Jim Morris on Fri 08 Sep 19:10:23
  • Thanks to Linda, Sylvia, Margaret, Fiona and Jim, it looks as if the oil has it.

    Posted by Barry Hulme on Fri 08 Sep 19:13:09
  • Great start for your next step Barry, look forward to it....

    Posted by Carole Swingler on Sat 09 Sep 08:08:15
  • Very sensitively drawn Barry. Whist I appreciate this is probably a prelim to a painting I think there's a lot to be said for black and white-especially for a mining subject. I think it stands well as it is.

    Posted by Tessa Gwynne on Sat 09 Sep 08:25:32