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Peruvian little girl

Peruvian little girl


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  • And the finished painting even better what a beautiful little girl.

    Posted by Linda Drury on Wed 06 Sep 10:57:28
  • Thank you Linda. I think her eyes are slightly larger in reality and I always manage to make the head wider than it is in real. Must be something with my vision.

    Posted by Ibolya Taligas on Wed 06 Sep 11:16:25
  • Brilliant stuff Ibolya, and you'll certainly be missed here till your return. Have fun and get plenty sketching in. Good luck.

    Posted by Jim Morris on Wed 06 Sep 11:24:08
  • Lovely

    Posted by karen steel on Wed 06 Sep 12:52:30
  • Lovely rendition of this beautiful little girl. Enjoy your travels, which I'm sure will provide plenty of inspiration for more gorgeous paintings.

    Posted by Carole Kelly on Wed 06 Sep 13:06:38
  • Fantastic portrait of a sweet looking little girl, Ibolya. I love the red jumper too.
    Have a great time on your travels!

    Posted by Satu Vartiainen on Wed 06 Sep 13:06:43
  • Stunning work Ibolya – as always!

    Posted by Detlev Bucks on Wed 06 Sep 13:45:19
  • Beautiful portrait, Ibolya, I like the washes and the brush strokes. Beautiful expression and eyes too. Best wishes for your travels which I guess full of beautiful watercolours.

    Posted by Cesare Romano on Wed 06 Sep 13:50:12
  • Thank you all so much for your lovely comments!!

    Posted by Ibolya Taligas on Wed 06 Sep 14:41:47
  • Great portrait Ibolya. Have a lovely time while you are away on your travels.

    Posted by Peter Buchanan on Wed 06 Sep 16:12:18