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last days of August 2

last days of August 2


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  • That looks very much as though it's painted on the reverse side of a hardboard panel, and I wonder if it is? If so, may I suggest you either paint on the other side, roughing it up with a bit of sandpaper and perhaps giving it a wipe with a dash of meths, or applying a much thicker gesso to the reverse side so that this rather mechanical weave doesn't make it so difficult to photograph your painting? This isn't a comment on the quality of your painting, of course, but just a suggestion that you might like to consider. It's the regularity of the 'weave' that interferes a bit with the impact of the painting.

    And as for the painting, having said all that: like it, like the colours and colour variation, and the dynamic sense.

    Posted by Robert Jones, N.A.P.A. on Mon 04 Sep 19:17:14
  • Thank you for taking the time and effort to comment Robert.
    This Painting is on primed fine canvas stretched on a card board. It is only A5 size and I did photograph it out side on a very bright day so I think the texture of the canvas is really exaggerated , yes I agree that its regularity reacts with the paint .I usually use oils but the sand was blowing around a bit and on such a small scale it adds texture where I don't really want it especially when painting with one layer of paint. I'm thinking of maybe putting acrylic ink down as a first layer and finishing with paint next time to make the textures much more contrasting although I much prefer oils on a larger scale.
    I'm glad you like the colours, the light seems to pick up the greens much more at the end of the summer here .

    Posted by Rosamunde Copping on Mon 04 Sep 20:33:20