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  • A lovely painting the goats look like they are looking at you.

    Posted by Lyn Hocking on Fri 18 Aug 07:11:47
  • As usual, very well painted Skylar.

    Posted by Adele Elgood on Fri 18 Aug 08:19:17
  • Lovely painting, the Goats are terrific. Maybe I'm weird but I was particularly drawn to the colours in the left foreground.

    Posted by Brian Parnell on Fri 18 Aug 08:31:22
  • Stunning clarity and technique Skylar.

    Posted by Fiona Phipps on Fri 18 Aug 10:37:04
  • Superb Skylar, great detail on the closest goat and wonderful recession from it to the other goats and through to the background.

    Posted by Barry Hulme on Fri 18 Aug 11:46:12
  • Terrific!!

    Posted by Andrea Acuz on Fri 18 Aug 13:20:05
  • Lyn - Thank you! I've always liked the feeling of the subject looking back.

    Thank you, Adele!

    Brian - Thanks! The foreground "gravel" is indeed embracing all the colors used in the piece.

    Thank you, Fiona!

    Barry - Thanks! I'm glad you saw the transitions.

    Thank you, Andrea!

    Posted by Skylar Brown on Fri 18 Aug 13:59:35
  • What a handsome chap he is Skylar, lovely painting.

    Posted by Val Kenyon on Fri 18 Aug 14:44:05
  • Val - Thank you! I appreciate the comment.

    Posted by Skylar Brown on Fri 18 Aug 14:52:28
  • Great work as ever, Skylar.

    Posted by Cesare Romano on Fri 18 Aug 15:15:31