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Einstein in chalk

Einstein in chalk


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  • Not everything is about money Skylar but I still bet you could kick yourself for that omission.

    Posted by Adele Elgood on Sat 05 Aug 16:23:20
  • Adele - You are So right!

    Posted by Skylar Brown on Sat 05 Aug 16:26:08
  • It's great! At least people are able to see it which is what it's all about Skylar

    Posted by russell edwards on Sat 05 Aug 16:29:21
  • Russell- Thank you! I agree with your statement...

    Posted by Skylar Brown on Sat 05 Aug 16:47:15
  • It is so good Skylar,

    Posted by David Johns on Sat 05 Aug 18:04:18
  • It's really good Skylar, it must be a thrill to see your work in print!

    Posted by Margaret Beynon on Sat 05 Aug 18:44:33
  • To be honest, I thought this was one of the best things I had done to that point.
    Somewhere down the line, I think I will be mentioned...

    Posted by Skylar Brown on Sat 05 Aug 19:31:30
  • I suppose it's good they did that.. free advertisement for you. Great drawing.

    Posted by Ibolya Taligas on Sat 05 Aug 19:56:11
  • But surely you have the copyright anyway, regardless of wether or not you registered it anywhere. Try asking for the money and threaten to sue the publisher. After all you have the original.

    Good work though.

    Posted by Linda Wilson on Tue 08 Aug 10:35:56