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  • I like that Gavin. The red steelwork really contrasts the interior of the barn whch is nicely dappled. Great log in the foreground.

    Posted by Jim Morris on Sun 30 Jul 16:53:28
  • Love this Gavin, very striking image. I find strong contrasts like this appealing. Could I ask what medium it is please?

    Posted by Fiona Phipps on Sun 30 Jul 20:18:51
  • Love the sketch style and the detail, brilliant colours especially on the log.

    Posted by Jennifer Brown on Sun 30 Jul 20:23:53
  • Fiona this is a charcoal sketch with watercolour added

    Posted by Gavin Hunter on Sun 30 Jul 21:15:15
  • Gavin , can I ask if you fix the charcoal prior to using the water colour -combine with the use of an eraser and/or also apply charcoal after the colour. It does make for a very effective presentation , extremely strong contrasts and appears more versatile than line and wash. One of the eye catchers and I like it very much.

    Posted by Mike Capenerhurst on Mon 31 Jul 00:26:00
  • Perfect subject - as far as I'm concerned - and well rendered

    Posted by Derek Snowdon on Mon 31 Jul 10:35:05
  • Thank you Gavin for the information, it's a wonderful combination.

    Posted by Fiona Phipps on Mon 31 Jul 11:04:29
  • Thanks Mike.When out oil painting i had cover my paints and canvass.When it slackened I hurriedly did this sketch without any care or planning colouring it without fixitive or use of erasor,

    Posted by Gavin Hunter on Mon 31 Jul 15:19:48
  • thanks Gavin

    Posted by Mike Capenerhurst on Mon 31 Jul 18:44:02
  • Very nice work - great colouring and like the darks

    Posted by Maureen Sherman on Tue 01 Aug 20:01:51